Machine Intelligence

With the CUBE your equipment becomes smart and connected. Relevant machine data like door movement or lifecycle utilization are collected, pre-analyzed, and transmitted to the Cloud Platform. And more, the CUBE runs apps, streams multimedia content, and even handles emergency voice calls. Always secure.

Digital Connectivity

The CUBE supports latest connectivity standards like 4G / LTE as well as future VoIP functionality. So, you will be ready when telecommunication providers will discontinue 2G support as already happening in many countries. The CUBE also provides standard interfaces for building integration.

Much More than a Gateway

The CUBE runs apps, streams multimedia content and even handles emergency data and voice calls.

Edge Computing and Edge Analytics

Computing power and intelligence of the CUBE allows real-time analytics, data filtering and knowledge generation at the source of the data. This significantly reduces the volume of transferred data to the cloud and helps to optimize the communication cost.

Digital Industrial Cyber Security

Connectivity and technology components are protected with the highest level of built-in Hardware and Software security through our industry-leading partners. In addition, 24/7 Security Monitoring is conducted worldwide. Over-the-air Software updates ensure that latest security patches can quickly be deployed.

Code Compliance

The CUBE is fulfilling global and local elevator & escalator standards and norms as well as all required certifications, e.g. for lift emergency call systems.

CUBE Image