Instant Access

A variety of apps for customers and passengers. Available today. Access relevant information in real-time, gain comprehensive insights or experience improved comfort and convenience. On your smartphone or via Internet Portal. Personalized and customizable to your needs.

The App Store is the place to go to when you want to download apps to interact with Schindler Ahead. A variety of apps for customers and passengers. Available today.

Ahead ActionBoard

Turn information into action. The Schindler ActionBoard shows status, ongoing activities, performance indicators and usage statistics of your equipment portfolio. Act in real-time on events and define who of your tenants and partners will be informed automatically on equipment status changes.

Ahead LogBook

Digitally manage equipment documentation including certificates, drawings and manuals. The web-based Schindler Ahead LogBook allows you to share seamlessly all necessary information with technicians and notified bodies.

Ahead BlackBoard

Share the latest building and neighbourhood news. The Schindler Ahead BlackBoard is a display platform located outside of elevator and escalator areas and is used to provide information on activities relevant for building tenants. Additionally, it can display local advertisement related to available services in and around the building’s neighbourhood.

Schindler FieldLink

Benefit from a digitally equipped workforce. Schindler’s award-winning Digital Tool Case FieldLink provides service technicians with all necessary information for proactive and high-quality service.